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Say goodbye to the same old bachelorette gig and hello to a night packed with flavor, fun, and a dash of Miami’s sparkle. 

Bachelorette Parties with Chef Cal
Meet Your Chef

Bachelorette Parties with Chef Cal

Chef Calvin brings the heat with mouth-watering dishes that blend Southern comfort, Caribbean zest, and all the bold tastes from around the globe. This party’s all about making memories with your girls, dishing out the laughs as much as the eats, in a vibe that’s 100% Miami, 100% unforgettable.

What we Bring to the Table​

  • Menus That Get You: It’s all about what you love. Fancy a taco bar or sushi night? Chef Calvin’s on it, making sure every bite is about celebrating you.
  • Drinks with Personality: From classic cocktails to Chef Calvin’s original creations, we’re mixing up drinks that’ll have everyone in the party mood.
  • A Night to Remember: It’s not just dining, it’s an experience. Think of it as your private food fest, where the bride-to-be is always the star.
  • Chill, We’ve Got This: Planning? Set-up? Clean-up? Consider it done. Your night is about relaxation and celebration, not stress.
  • The Best of Miami: Get the inside track to the city’s hidden gems and must-visit spots with Chef Calvin’s exclusive tips and connections.
What we Bring to the Table​
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Elevate your event with Chef Calvin, Miami’s renowned chef known for transforming occasions into extraordinary culinary experiences. Imagine custom-crafted menus and a vibe tailored precisely to your preferences, all delivered with an exclusive touch that sets your event apart.

Interested in making your gathering unforgettable? Share your vision with us, and let’s start the conversation with options beginning at $2,000. With Chef Calvin, you’re not just planning an event; you’re curating an unforgettable experience.

Submit your details to kickstart this culinary adventure. Chef Calvin is ready to bring your special occasion to life in a way only he can.


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