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Exclusive Services
Sushi Class 

Gather your friends and make it a sushi night at home. We will bring the food & supplies. We source sushi grade seafood and provide nothing but the best for your culinary experience.  

Exotic Sushi Platters

The perfect blend of "east-meets-west" to compliment your next party. An exotic menu and great taste. No matter what your event, occasion or budget, our professional staff will be able to help create a memorable event.

Taco Class 

What's better than Taco Tuesdays ? Tacos with Chef Cal on Demand. Everyone loves tacos & now you can make them like a pro with the all new taco class.

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Smoking Watermelon 

Chef Cal's Signature Cocktail. It's not a Chef Cal experience without this on the menu. The smoking watermelon is the perfect pairing to take your event to the next level. 

Nitrogen Ice Cream 

Chef Cal's Signature Dessert. We elevate dessert with modern twist. We pride ourselves on presentation, table service, & expectation. 

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